Sale and service of manual spraying equipment Nordson

Nordson Encore® LT

Nordson Encore LT

Robust and simple to use application

  • price effective solution
  • fully digital control panel
  • maximum voltage 100 kilovolts
  • patented technology AFC and Select Charge
  • very precise adjusting of the air flow with automatic feedback control
  • highly effective pneumatic pump
  • feed of powder coating from fluidized hopper or vibratory box feed

Nordson Encore® XT

Nordson Encore XT

Upgrade to the LT model:

  • control the process directly on the gun
  • 20 preconfigurable modes
  • compact, high efficiency pump

Nordson Encore® HD

Nordson Encore HD

System using unique HLDV® pumps delivers high concentration of powder, using less air

  • paint more parts at speeds nearly double that of venturi systems
  • saving 45% in powder material
  • cut color change time by 50%

Encore® LT presentation

Encore® HD presentation